viernes, 18 de julio de 2008

Un libro para mejorar tu lectura del idioma Ingles - Advanced Reading Power

Segun lo que lei, es un libro ideal para mejorar las habilidades de lectura del idioma ingles, cuando este no es tu idioma natal, lo cual lo consiguen abordando cuatro aspectos importantes, para el aprendizaje de este idioma:

Part 1: Extensive Reading
Part 2: Vocabulary Building
Part 3: Comprehension Skills
Part 4: Reading Faster

Advanced Reading Power is unlike most other reading textbooks. First, the focus is different. This book directs students' attention to their own reading processes, while most other books focus primarily on the content. Second, Advanced Reading Power is organized in a different way. It contains four separate sections that correspond to four important aspects of proficient reading, and therefore it is like four books in one. Teachers should assign work on all four parts of the book concurrently.

Linda Jeffries, Beatrice S. Mikulecky “Advanced Reading Power 4
Pearson ESL 2007-03-31 ISBN 0131990276 311 pages PDF 2,6 MB
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